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Published: 2016-01-14

The correct name for Oxyurichthys longicauda Steindachner and a few other errors

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Pisces Oxyurichthys longicauda


In 2015, Pezold and Larson published a revision of the gobiid genus Oxyurichthys, and made an error in their use of the name O. uronema (Weber) for one of the species. The reasons for this would make a fine example of one of Evenhuis’ taxonomic impediments to nirvana (2007). Pezold and Larson first considered collaborating on this work in 1983, but this did not happen until nearly a decade later. Intensive work began in 1996; by then Larson had examined syntypes of both species in 1988 and determined that Gobius uronema Weber, 1909, was the same species as Gobius longicauda Steindachner, 1893.



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LARSON, H. K., & PEZOLD, F. L. (2016). The correct name for <em>Oxyurichthys</em> <em>longicauda</em> Steindachner and a few other errors. Zootaxa, 4066(2), 171–172.