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Published: 2012-06-07

Description of four new species in the bee genus Melitta Kirby, 1802 (Hymenoptera: Melittidae)

University of Mons, Laboratory of Zoology, Place du parc, 20, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, UK
Taurida National V. I. Vernadsky University, Academician Vernadsky Ave. Simferopol, Crimean Autonomous Republic, Ukraine, 95007
Centre for Megalopolis Ecomonitoring and Biodiversity Research and Institute of Zoology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, acad. Lebedev, 37, Kiev 03143, Ukraine
Hymenoptera Melittidae s.l. Anthophila Palaearctic Endemism


Four new bee species of the genus Melitta Kirby, 1802 are here described: Melitta (Cilissa) singular Michez sp. nov. fromEast-Anatolia (Turkey), Melitta (Cilissa) budashkini Radchenko & Ivanov sp. nov. from Crimea (Ukraine), Melitta (Ci-lissa) engeli Michez sp. nov. from Kyrgyzstan and Melitta (Cilissa) magnifica Michez sp. nov. from Mongolia. An updated checklist of Melitta species of the world is provided.


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