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Published: 2003-09-19

World Catalog of Bee Flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae): Corrigenda and Addenda

J. Linsley Gressitt Center for Research in Entomology, Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96817-2704, USA
NERC, Centre for Population Biology, Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7PY, UK
Diptera Bombyliidae catalog taxonomy distribution


A list of corrections and additions to the world catalog of bee flies, published in 1999 is presented. New taxonomic information presented in this paper includes the following 42 new species-group synonymies: Geron paramonovi Greathead (junior synonym of G. asiaticus Zaitzev), syn. n., Anastoechus olivaceus Paramonov, Anastoechus olivaceus var. corsikanus Paramonov, Anastoechus olivaceus var. corsicanus Zaitzev (all junior synonyms of A. nitidulus Fabricius), syn. n., Anastoechus leucochroicus Hesse (junior synonym of A. varipecten Bezzi, 1921), syn. n., Bombylius punctatus Fabricius, Bombylius sticticus Boisduval, Bombylius subluna Walker (all junior synonyms of Bombomyia vertebralis (Dufour)), syn. n., Bombylius flavescens Palm, Bombylius minor var. ochraceus Paramonov, Bombylius luteolus Evenhuis, Bombylius thapsinoides Evenhuis (all junior synonyms of B. minor Linnaeus), syn. n., Bombylius rhodius Loew (junior synonym of B. trichurus Pallas), syn. n., Bombylius aurulentus Wiedemann (junior synonym of Systoechus ctenopterus (Mikan)), syn. n., Bombylius lucidus Loew, Systoechus tesquorum Becker (all junior synonyms of Systoechusgradatus (Wiedemann)), syn. n., Argyramoeba maculosa Sack, Anthrax ipiriensis Dils & Weyer, Anthrax tajikistanus Evenhuis & Greathead (all junior synonyms of Anthrax chionostigma Tsacas), syn. n., Spogostylum nigrum Austen (junior synonym of Anthrax lucidus (Becker)), syn. n., Argyromoeba velox Loew, Anthrax hellenicus François (all junior synonyms of Anthrax virgo Egger), syn. n., Exoprosopa dispar var. interrupta Paramonov, Exoprosopa dispar ssp. paramonovi Evenhuis (all junior synonyms of E. dispar Loew), syn. n., Thyridanthrax albicingulus Austen, Thyridanthrax amoenus Austen (all junior synonyms of Exhyalanthrax melanchlaenus (Loew)), syn. n., Thyridanthrax innocens Austen (junior synonym of Exhyalanthrax muscarius (Pallas)), syn. n., Anthrax venusta Meigen, Anthrax margaritifer Dufour, Anthrax dolosa Jaennicke, Anthrax turbidus Loew (all junior synonyms of Villa fasciata Meigen), syn. n., Villa orientalis Zaitzev (junior synonym of Villa fasciculata Becker), syn. n., Anthrax humilis Ruthe, Anthrax mucida Zeller, Anthrax pygarga Loew, Anthrax albulus Loew, Villa quinta Becker (all junior synonyms of Villa ixion (Fabricius)), syn. n., Anthrax faustina Osten Sacken, Anthrax alternata var. fulvipes Coquillett, Villa lateralis ssp. semifulvipes Painter in Painter & Painter (all junior synonyms of Villa lateralis (Say)), syn. n., Petrorossia chraminensis Zaitzev, Petrorossia dobrogica Dusa (all junior synonyms of Petrorossia hespera (Rossi)), syn. n.; the following new synonymy in genus-group names: Gazlia Zaitzev (junior synonym of Xeramoeba Hesse), syn. n.; and the following 11 new combinations: Apolysis barri (Tabet) (from Oligodranes), comb. n., Apolysis nauseosus(Tabet) (from Oligodranes), comb. n., Parageron loewi (Becker) (from Usia), comb. n., Chalcochiton carmelitensis (Becker) (from Cytherea), comb. n., Exoprosopa rivularis Meigen (from Heteralonia), comb. n. Micomitra shelkovnikovi (Paramonov) (from Pterobates), comb. n., Xeramoeba albula (Zaitzev) (from Gazlia), comb. n., Xeramoeba kinereti (Zaitzev) (from Chiasmella), comb. n., Xeramoeba stackelbergi (Zaitzev) (from Chiasmella), comb. n., Xeramoeba turkmenica (Zaitzev) (from Chiasmella), comb. n. Two species are returned to their original genus: Exoprosopa dispar Loew (returned to Exoprosopa from Heteralonia), comb. rev., and Spogostylum nitidum Austen (returned to Spogostylum from Anthrax), comb. rev. Three species in Pipunculopsis were invalid when originally proposed by Zaitzev in 2001. They are hereby validated with the criteria fulfilling Article 16.4.2 and the original authorship of Zaitzev should be kept since he provided the information to validate the names herein.


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