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Type: Monograph
Published: 2006-08-14
Page range: 1–138
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The Australian Pentastirini (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae)

Pest Biology & Management Group, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Pest Biology & Management Group, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA Department of Primary Industries, Orange Agricultural Institute, AUSTRALIA
Landcare Research, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Pest Biology & Management Group, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha Fulgoromorpha Cixiidae Pentastirini Cordoliarus Miclucha Oliarus Oteana Ozoliarus Pentastiridius Prosops Australia gen. nov. sp. nov. comb. nov. syn. nov.


The Australian Pentastirini are revised taxonomically. The fauna comprises 56 species, 38 of which are new to science. Species are classified into seven genera: Cordoliarus gen. nov., Miclucha Emeljanov, Oliarus Stål, Oteana Hoch, Ozoliarus gen. nov., Pentastiridius Kirschbaum and Prosops Buckton. All species are described and illustrated and identification keys to genera and species are provided. New species described are: Cordoliarus mareebensis sp. nov., Miclucha australiensis sp. nov., Oliarus acanthopygophoris sp. nov., O. cochleatus sp. nov., O. cuberlii sp. nov., O. globosus sp. nov., O. gracilis sp. nov., O. hamatus sp. nov., O. hirsutus sp. nov., O. lawlerorum sp. nov., O. trispiralis sp. nov., Ozoliarus alces sp. nov., Oz. antennoides sp. nov., Oz. bullocki sp. nov., Oz. bumarangoides sp. nov., Oz. catherinae sp. nov., Oz. cuspidistylus sp. nov., Oz. cynosurus sp. nov., Oz. dedariensis sp. nov., Oz. golgolensis sp. nov., Oz. latifundus sp. nov., Oz. maru sp. nov., Oz. nourlangiensis sp. nov., Oz. olene sp. nov., Oz. pelecanus sp. nov., Oz. pitta sp. nov., Oz. poculum sp. nov., Oz. quadratistylus sp. nov., Oz. quercistylus sp. nov., Oz. rotundistylus sp. nov., Oz. semicircularis sp. nov., Oz. serratus sp. nov., Oz. smithi sp. nov., Oz. taroomensis sp. nov., Oz. triangularis sp. nov., Oz. umbella sp. nov., Oteana salicoides sp. nov. and Ot. tattendi sp. nov. Lectotypes are designated for Oliarus clipealis Jacobi, Oliarus dingkana Distant, Oliarus felis Kirkaldy, Oliarus incerta Distant, Oliarus laertes Kirkaldy, Oliarus latipennis Jacobi, Oliarus lubra Kirkaldy, and Oliarus sponsa Kirkaldy. Oliarus latipennis Jacobi is synonymised with Pentastiridius felis (Kirkaldy) syn. nov., and Oliarus hackeri Muir and Miclucha morobensis (Van Stalle) are synonymised with Miclucha incerta (Distant) syn. nov. and Oliarus lubra var. vitiensis, Kirkaldy is synonymised with Oliarus lubra, Kirkaldy syn. nov. New combinations proposed are: Miclucha incerta (Distant) comb. nov., Oteana lubra (Kirkaldy) comb. nov., Oteana sponsa (Kirkaldy) comb. nov., Ozoliarus asaica (Kirkaldy) comb. nov., Ozoliarus clipealis (Jacobi) comb. nov., Ozoliarus dingkana (Distant) comb. nov., and Ozoliarus laertes (Kirkaldy) comb. nov., all from Oliarus. The following names are treated as nomina dubia since the only available types are females: Oliarus alexanor Kirkaldy, O. doddi Muir, O. kampaspe Kirkaldy, O. lilinoe Kirkaldy, O. phelia Kirkaldy, O. talunia Kirkaldy, Ozoliarus asaica (Kirkaldy), and Prosops pedisequus Buckton.


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