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Type: Article
Published: 2010-06-30
Page range: 94–105
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Terrestrial Parasitengona (except chiggers) of China: a review of progress in systematics and biology, with a checklist of species

New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, 231 Morrin Road, St. Johns, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
velvet mites larvae predators Trombidioidea Erythraeoidea ectoparasites faunistics biology biocontrol mainland China Taiwan


This paper reviews the research on taxonomy and biology of the terrestrial Parasitengona (except chiggers) in China, with an updated checklist of 47 species (+9 undetermined species) belonging to 5 superfamilies, 9 families and 25 genera.  Major contributions to the Chinese fauna of the terrestrial Parasitengona were made by Zhang Zhi-Qiang and his colleagues, Zheng Bo-Yi  and R. Haitlinger.  There have been some studies on the biology and use in biological control of the Trombidioidea and Erythraeiodea in China and these are briefly reviewed.