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Focus and Scope

Zoosymposia is a rapid series for peer-reviewed collected papers (reviews or original papers) on special topics/themes in zoology.  It is a sister series of Zootaxa and is designed to allow volumes of collected papers covering a wide range of topics (e.g. ecology, conservation ...) outside the scope of Zootaxa.  Each volume should compose a special topic/theme or the result of a symposium and is edited by its own guest editors, who are responsible for individual manuscript peer review.  Accepted volumes are published within two months after the final files are received.  Each volume is separately issued and bound, and is published both online and in print at the same time. ISBNs are assigned to each title.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts within the scope of Zoosymposia will be reviewed by at least two peers assigned by one of our editors. Reviewers are anynymous and they have the option to sign their reviews.  Authors are encouraged to suggest potential reviewers.

Publication ethics

We endorse the ethics guidelines recommended by the Commission on Publication Ethics (COPE). We are firmly against any form of falsification or fabrication of data and plagiarism (including self plagiarism without proper attribution) and will treat any breach of ethics standards seriously in accordance with the COPE guidelines.


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