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Type: Article
Published: 2010-06-30
Page range: 158–164
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A review of progress on the systematics and biology of the family Cheyletidae in China, with a checklist of the Chinese cheyletids

College of Life Science, Nanchang University, 999 Xuefu Road., New district of Honggutan, Nanchang, 330031, China
Cheyletidae faunistics biology checklist China


This paper reviews the taxonomic research on the family Cheyletidae in China, with an updated checklist of 48 species belonging to 24 genera. The most important contributions to the Chinese fauna of these mites were made by Tseng Yi-Hsiung, who recognized and described ten species from Taiwan, Lin Jianzhen, who described seven species from Fujian, and Xia Bin, who added five new species. A few studies on the biology and ecology of Cheyletidae in China are briefly reviewed.