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Type: Article
Published: 2009-12-22
Page range: 17–52
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Evgeniy Nikolaevich Savchenko and his contribution to the knowledge of Palaearctic Tipuloidea

Laboratory of Invertebrate Diversity, Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories of Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Innesi Armand str.,37 “A”, Nalchik.360051, Russia
Evgeniy Savchenko biography scientific contribution Palaearctic Tipuloidea


A biography of Evgeniy Savchenko, an outstanding entomologist, who made a considerable contribution to the knowledge of tipuloid dipterans of the Palaearctic. The various stages of his scientific activity are presented. He gave names to a large number of taxa of tipuloids and taniderids, 435 in all.