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Type: Article
Published: 2009-12-22
Page range: 179–197
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New distributional records for Palaearctic Limoniidae and Tipulidae (Diptera: Craneflies), mainly from the collection of the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam

Department of Entomology, Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam, Plantage Middenlaan 64, 1018 DH Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Craneflies Tipulidae Limoniidae Palaearctic Distribution records


Distributional records are presented for 16 species of Limoniidae and 144 species of Tipulidae (Diptera), mainly based on material in the collection of the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam. The records are all from the Palaearctic and include new country records for 62 species, and other interesting new records for provinces or islands for 109 species. Distribution data are provided for 23 countries, two of which have relatively many records, namely Greece (58) and Turkey (52). For every species an overview of its distribution is given.