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Type: Article
Published: 2009-12-22
Page range: 155–172
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New Jurassic Tanyderidae (Diptera) from Asia with first find of larvae

Arthropoda Lab, Borissiak Palaeontological Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
Faculty of Biology and Agriculture, Rzeszow University, 35-959 Rzeszow, Poland
Diptera Tanyderidae larva fossil Jurassic Asia new taxa


New species of Tanyderidae are described from the Jurassic beds of Asia (Kubekovo, Karatau and Shar Teg localities), viz. Praemacrochile ansorgei n. sp., Praemacrochile kaluginae n. sp., Protanyderus invalidus n. sp., Protanyderus savtchenkoi n. sp. and Protanyderus nebulosus n.sp. Mesozoic species of Praemacrochile and Protanyderus are keyed and illustrated. Fossil tanyderid larvae tentatively attributed to ?Protanyderus sp. are described for the first time.