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Type: Article
Published: 2009-12-22
Page range: 131–154
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Limoniidae (Diptera) in the Upper Jurassic of Shar Teg, Mongolia

Arthropoda Lab, Borissiak Palaeontological Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
Diptera Limoniidae Pediciidae fossil new species Mongolia Upper Jurassic


A diverse Late Jurassic crane fly assemblage is described from Shar Teg locality (SW Mongolia), viz. Architipula krzeminskii n.sp., A. ampla n.sp., Mesotipula sigmoidea n.sp., ?M. brevicella n.sp., M. (Metatipula n.subgen.) continens n.sp., Tipunia undata n.sp., T. jorgi n.sp., Cretolimonia jurassica n.sp., C. pygmaea n. sp., Eotipulina sharategica n.sp., E. paula n.sp., E. evidens n.sp. and Eotipuloptera sp. The genus Praearchitipula Kalugina, 1985 is transferred to Pediciidae; it is the first Mesozoic record of this family (Middle Jurassic of Siberia). One species originally included in Praearchitipula is transferred to Mesotipula: M. parvula (Kalugina, 1985) n.comb. from the Middle Jurassic of Siberia.