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Type: Editorial
Published: 2022-11-30
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Postscript: How long do Acari live? A survey of mite lifespans (part 2)

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, 231 Morrin Road, Auckland, 1072, New Zealand, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, Auckland, 1072, New Zealand


This is the second part of a survey of mite lifespans initiated last year (Zhang & Fan 2021). This series was launched to collect information on lifespan and related data across mite taxa, with the aim to stimulate more research on both the patterns and mechanisms of mite aging and lifespan (Zhang 2021). The first part covered lifespan and other life history data for Oribatida, Winterschmidtiidae, Eriophyoidea, Tydeidae, Anystidae, Cheyletidae and Blattisociidae (Zhang & Fan 2021). This part provides surveys of lifespan and related life history data for three major families: Tetranychidae (Li et al. 2022), Laelapidae (Zhang et al. 2022) and Phytoseiidae (Han et al. 2022).  The third part in 2023 will complete this series.


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