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Type: Article
Published: 2020-06-12
Page range: 103–111
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The identity of Psychomyia nipponica Tsuda (Trichoptera: Psychomyiidae), with descriptions of five allied new species from Japan

3-104 Mezon-Hikarigaoka II, 1-71-1 Hikarigaoka, Komaki, Aichi Pref., 485-0811 Japan
Trichoptera caddisfly taxonomy male genitalia Psychomyia nipponica Species Complex


Psychomyia nipponica Tsuda is a commonly occurring species in Japan, and widely distributed throughout Honshu Island and southwestern Hokkaido Island. The male has very characteristic genitalia that allow its easy separation from other species of the genus. My recent study on the Japanese Psychomyia, however, revealed the presence of several undescribed species closely similar to and possibly confused with P. nipponica. In this paper I redescribe P. nipponica to resolve taxonomic confusion and describe five new species of the genus from Japan: P. pseudonipponica sp. nov., P. curvicacumen sp. nov., P. incisa sp. nov., P. serrata sp. nov. and P. quadridentata sp. nov.


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