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Type: Editorial
Published: 2019-12-19
Page range: 11–14
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In memory of Ingrid Müller-Liebenau (1921–2016)

Ludwigsburg, Germany


At the end of the 1960ies I began my investigations on Ephemeroptera, researching the fauna of the Lake Constance area. For the beginner that I was, there were a lot of questions, uncertainties in determinations and suchlike. Who would be able to help me? There was only one person: Dr. Ingrid Müller-Liebenau, a leading German Ephemeropterologist. At that time she was going to finish the revision of the European species of the genus Baetis at the Limnological Station in Krefeld-Hülserberg. So in January 1968 I made a trip to visit her.