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Type: Article
Published: 2019-02-28
Page range: 107–130
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Calyptraeidae from the northeast Pacific (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda)

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Apartado Postal 0843-03092, Balboa Ancon, Panama STRI, Unit 9100, Box 0948, DPO AA 34002, USA.
Mollusca Crepidula Crucibulum Calyptraea Slipper snail


Calyptraeids are sedentary suspension-feeding caenogastropods, which have garnered attention for their protandrous sex change and the propensity of some species to become invasive. The upwelling areas in the northeast Pacific support a particularly diverse calyptraeid fauna, including many poorly known species. This taxonomic review, based primarily on material in the collections of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County provides descriptions and photographs of three species of Calyptraea Lamarck, 1799, 13 Crepidula Lamarck, 1799, three Crepipatella Lesson, 1830, and one species each of Bostrycapulus Olsson & Harbison, 1953, Crucibulum Schumacher, 1817, and Grandicrepidula McLean, 1995. Three new species, Bostrycapulus decorus n. sp., Crepidula huertae n. sp. and Crepidula wolfae n. sp. are described.