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Type: Article
Published: 2008-07-25
Page range: 265–269
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Scissurella clathrata in the San Jorge Gulf (Argentina) and the identity of the enigmatic S. dalli Bartsch, 1903 (Gastropoda: Scissurellidae)

Vetigastropoda Southwestern Atlantic Ocean Scissurellidae


Scissurella dalli Bartsch, 1903, from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean has been reported at least six times in the malacological literature. However, the species is thus far known only from the original description; it was never fi gured; and the type material is missing from the original repository, the United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution. In the present study, we examine specimens of a scissurellid collected adjacent to the type locality of Scissurella dalli, and evaluate their identity. These specimens proved to correspond to Scissurella clathrata Strebel, 1908. Even though this species shows some similarity with the original description of Scissurella dalli, the vague description by Bartsch lacking details and even containing contradictory indications, led us to the conclusion that they are not conspecifi c. Thus, Scissurella clathrata is reported for the first time at the type locality of S. dalli, and the latter remains as a nomen dubium.