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Type: Article
Published: 2008-07-25
Page range: 247–264
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Four new species of Anatomidae (Mollusca: Vetigastropoda) from the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mayotte) and Australia, with notes on a novel radular type for the family

new species Indian Ocean Reunion Island Mayotte Australia radula


Four new species of Anatomidae are described: Anatoma herberti n. sp. with strong axial sculpture on the shoulder and base; A. austrolissa n. sp. with almost smooth sculpture except for axial cords in the adumbilical half of the base; A. boucheti n. sp. with sunken protoconch and selenizone that starts after more than one teleoconch I whorl; and A. fl exidentata n. sp. with a highly modifi ed radula, shared only with A. austrolissa, among known anatomid species. Three of the species are only known from the Indian Ocean, while the more deep-water A. austrolissa is known from Reunion Island and New South Wales, Australia. The radula of A. flexidentata and A. austrolissa is strikingly different from that of other Anatomidae and Vetigastropoda in that it has flexible equally-shaped teeth in the central field and filamentous teeth in the marginal fi eld. Similar radular morphologies are known from Calliostomatidae.