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Type: Article
Published: 2019-12-20
Page range: 618–632
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New fossil Odonata from the Upper Jurassic of Bavaria with a new fossil calibration point for Zygoptera

Biologic Institute, 16310 NE 80th Street, Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Odonata Zygoptera Anisoptera Hemiphlebiidae Stenophlebiidae Prohemeroscopidae Solnhofen Painten


Three new taxa of odonates are described from the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen limestone from Eichstätt and Painten in Bavaria (Germany), including the first two genuine Zygoptera (Andrephlebia buergeri gen. et sp. nov. in fam. inc. sed. and Jurahemiphlebia haeckeli gen. et sp. nov. in Hemiphlebiidae) and a new taxon of Stenophlebioptera (Reschiostenophlebia koschnyi gen. et sp. nov. in Stenophlebiidae). With an age of about 152 million years, the holotype of Jurahemiphlebia from the Painten locality represents the oldest fossil record and thus a new calibration point for crown group Zygoptera, Lestoidea, and Hemiphlebiidae, and the oldest record for any living odonate family. Furthermore, the first relatively complete specimen of the dragonfly Prohemeroscopus kuehnapfeli (Prohemeroscopidae) is described, which was previously known only from a pair of isolated hind wings. A revised diagnosis is provided for the species and genus.


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