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Type: Review Article
Published: 2014-10-20
Page range: 1-15
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Patterns in Orthoptera biodiversity. II. The cultural dimension

Ph. D. (Professor), Profesor Titular de Biología, Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Río Negro, ARGENTINA
Cricket fighting cultural entomology entertainment entomophagy entomopharmacology grasshopper katydid sound production.


The relationship between orthopterans and humanity has multiple faces. They are excellent subjects of research in all areas of biology, but they may be from a mild nuisance to formidable enemies as in the case of plague locusts. However, many species have been since long ago, providers of aesthetic pleasure, nutrition and folk medicine practices. In this review, I explore three subjects that fall within the fields of ethnoentomology and cultural entomology namely, the use of orthopterans as food, their medicinal utilisation, and their role as pets and entertainment.