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Pleistacantha stilipes, a new species of spider crab from the South China Sea (Decapoda: Brachyura: Majidae)

Shane T. Ahyong, Huilian Chen, Peter K.L. Ng


A new species of deep-water spider crab, Pleistacantha stilipes, is described from the South China Sea. Pleistacantha stilipes most closely resembles P. sanctijohannis in having the proximal half to two-thirds of the rostral spines medially appressed, in the comparatively long walking legs in which the male P5 merus is longer than the postrostral carapace length, and in the morphology of the gonopod in bearing a long subdistal papilla. The new species differs from P. sanctijohannis, however, in having longer walking legs, uninflated male chelae, a relatively more elongate carapace, and longer rostral spines. A key to recognised species of Pleistacantha is provided.


Pleistacantha stilipes, Majidae, Brachyura, Decapoda, new species, taxonomy, South China Sea

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