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A new Panchaetothripinae genus and species, also a newly recorded genus, from Southwestern China (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)



Araliacothrips daweishanensis gen. et sp.n. is described from Southwestern China in the Thripidae, Panchaetothripinae. In the form of the pronotum and fore wing, and the sculpture on the tergites, this species resembles species of Helionothrips. It is referred to a new genus because the metathoracic endofurca is simple and transverse, the head has cheeks parallel but constricted behind eyes without an occipital apodeme or collar, and tergites III–VIII have a pair of sub-median curved or sigmoid setae. A morphologically similar genus, Aoratothrips, is recorded from China for the first time.



Thysanoptera, Araliacothrips daweishanensis, new genus, new species, Aoratothrips

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