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Description of the new genus Nebulene Volynkin & Černý, gen. nov., with a new species from Thailand and Vietnam (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae)



The new genus Nebulene Volynkin & Černý, gen. nov. is described for Setina nebulosa Moore, 1878. The new genus belongs to the Asura / Miltochrista generic complex and is related to Barsura Volynkin, Dubatolov & Kishida, 2017, Barsine Walker, 1854 and Miltochrista Hübner, [1819]. A new species, Nebulene monocornuta Volynkin & Černý, sp. nov. is described from Thailand and Vietnam. A lectotype is designated for Setina nebulosa Moore, 1878. Adults, male and female genitalia of both Nebulene species and representatives of the related genera are illustrated.



Lepidoptera, Lithosiini, Asia, Himalaya, China, Thailand, Vietnam, new genus, new species

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