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Taxonomic review of the plant bug subfamily Isometopinae for Taiwan and Japanese Southwest Islands, with descriptions of new taxa (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae: Isometopinae)



The fauna of plant bug subfamily Isometopinae in Taiwan and Japanese Southwest (Nansei) Islands is reviewed. Twenty-five species are recognized, including two new species of Myiomma Puton, M. austroccidens sp. nov. and M. kentingense sp. nov., which are herein diagnosed and described. In addition, Isometopus yehi Lin, 2004 is synonymized with I. bipunctatus Lin; Isometopidea yangi Lin is transferred to Kohnometopus; and a substitute name, Alcecoris linyangorum, is proposed for A. formosanus (Lin & Yang) (= a junior secondary homonym of Alcecoris formosanus Lin). An annotated checklist, with updated distributional record and biological information, is provided for all treated taxa. A new tribe Sophianini is proposed for two genera, Alcecoris and Sophianus, characterized principally by the conspicuously modified antennal structures. An additional new species, Alcecoris cochlearatus sp. nov., found during examination of related Oriental specimens, is described from the Malay Peninsula.



Hemiptera, Insecta, Taiwan, Japan, taxonomy, new tribe, synonymy, distribution

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