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Nomenclatural changes in the family Membracidae (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Membracoidea)



Nomenclatural changes are provided for names in the family Membracidae. The following replacement names are proposed: Gargara (Gargara) discoidea nom.nov. for Gargara (Gargara) discoidalis Ananthasubramanian, 1980; Tricentrus substitutus nom.nov. for Tricentrus yunnanensis (Yuan & Li, 2002); Indicopleustes esakii nom.nov. for Indicopleustes typicus Esaki, 1932; Neoproterpia nom.nov. for Proterpia Stål, 1867; Membracis expansa Walker, 1851 status revised is reinstated as valid on taxonomic grounds. The correct original spelling is fixed for Leptocentrus florifacialis Yuan in Yuan & Chou, 2002, and seven incorrect original spellings are documented for five additional species in which a correct spelling was later adopted by one or more of the original authors. The name Micrutalis minutus Buckton, 1902 is emended to Micrutalis minuta Buckton, 1902 and Brachytalis punctulatus Ramos is emended to Brachytalis punctulata Ramos in both cases to agree with the feminine gender of Micrutalis Fowler, 1895 and Brachytalis Metcalf & Bruner, 1925.



Hemiptera, Homoptera, treehopper, homonym, synonym, nomen novum, replacement, classification, taxonomy

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