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A revision of Eastern Palaearctic Anthobium Leach, 1819 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Omaliinae: Anthophagini). I. Gracilipalpe, morchella and nigrum groups



Three new species-groups are established for eastern Palaearctic species of the genus Anthobium Leach, 1819: Gracilipalpe-group containing A. gracilipalpe (Champion, 1920) (Uttaranchal, Nepal), A. daliense sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Diancang Shan) and A. nivale sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Gaoligong Shan). Morchella-group containing A. morchella sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Baima Shan), A. hydraenoides sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Meili Xue Shan) and A. puetzi sp.n. (China: Sichuan, Daxue Shan, Qionglai Shan). Nigrum-Group containing A. nigrum (Cameron, 1924) (Himalaya), A. anishchenkoi sp.n. (China: Gansu, Dalijia Shan), A. conjunctum sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Diancang Shan), A. densepunctatum sp.n. (China: Yunnan, Meili Xue Shan) and A. ivani sp.n. (Nepal: Bagmati; Bhutan). The species groups are defined, briefly discussed and a key to the species included in each group is given. Lectotypes are designated for Eudeliphrum gracilipalpe Champion, 1920 and Lathrimaeum nigrum Cameron, 1924. Species in each species-group are described/redescribed, illustrated and their geographical distribution is mapped. Members of the genus Anthobium are recorded for the first time from China and Bhutan, and Anthobium gracilipalpe is recorded for the first time from Nepal.



Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Omaliinae, Anthobium, taxonomy, species groups, new species, description, lectotypes, records, Himalayan Region, China, Palaearctic Region

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