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New species of Andiorrhinus Cognetti, 1908 (Oligochaeta: Rhinodrilidae) from Venezuela and Brazil



Findings pertinent to 11 earthworm species from Venezuela and Brazil are reported. Six of these species are described as new to science, one is re-described and relocated in the genus Andiorrhinus, and new sites of occurrence are reported for four other species. Eight species of oligochaetes were found in the Andes in the state of Mérida, Venezuela: Andiorrhinus (Turedrilus) duranti sp. nov., Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) timotocuica sp. nov., Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) torondoy sp. nov., Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) sp. 1, Andiorrhinus (Quibario) tatuy sp. nov., Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) kuika (Righi, 1993), Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) mukuci (Righi, 1993), and Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) rimeda (Righi & Araujo, 2000). Andiorrhinus (Meridrilus) sp. 1, represented by one specimen only, is possibly a new species. Three other species were collected in Brazil: Andiorrhinus (Amazonidrilus) karinae sp. nov. in the Cerrado bioregion of Mato Grosso state; Andiorrhinus (Amazonidrilus) rodriguezi sp. nov. in the Amazon region in compost, and Andiorrhinus (Amazonidrilus) duseni (Michaelsen, 1918) in the Atlantic Forest, in the states of São Paulo and Paraná, the last species characterized by broad geographical and land use occurrences. The new subgenus Quibario was distinguished by the presence of three pairs of hearts in segments 10, 11, and 12. Keys are also included to differentiate species of subgenera Amazonidrilus and Meridrilus. The implications of these results in the context of ecological interactions, and dispersion of Andiorrhinus species in South America are discussed.



Annelida, Clitellata, earthworms, Quibario, Andes, Amazonia, Atlantic Forest

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