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Revision of the Australian species of Agrotera Schrank (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea: Crambidae: Spilomelinae)



The genus Agrotera Schrank, 1802 is revised for Australia and the generic definition is refined based on the male genitalia. The genera Leucinodella Strand, 1918 stat. rev. with L. leucostola (Hampson, 1896) comb. nov., Nistra Walker, 1859 stat. rev. with N. coelatalis Walker, 1859 comb. rev., Sagariphora Meyrick, 1894 stat. rev. with S. magnificalis (Hampson, 1893) comb. nov., and Tetracona Meyrick, 1884 stat. rev. with T. amathealis (Walker, 1859) comb. rev. and T. pictalis Warren, 1896 comb. rev. are removed from synonymy with Agrotera, as they lack the synapomorphies of Agrotera. Two new species, Agrotera genuflexa sp. nov. from Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, and A. longitabulata sp. nov. from Queensland, are described. The taxonomic status of the Australian species of Agrotera is discussed, and a key to all species, based on males, is provided. The adults and genitalia of the new species and some related species are figured.



Lepidoptera, Agrotera, taxonomy, Australia, generic definition, new species

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