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Four new earthworm species of Kazimierzus Plisko, 2006 (Clitellata, Kazimierzidae)



Four new species of Kazimierzus are described from the Western Cape and Northern Cape, South Africa: K. kleinoodi sp. n., K. nietvoorbiji sp. n., K. nieuwoudtvillensis sp. n., and K. phumlani sp. n. Kazimierzus kleinoodi is distinguished from the other species of this genus by the position of the calciferous glands in 9 and paired spermathecae in five segments. The position of the spermathecae in 11/12–15/16 as well as the position of the calciferous glands in 11 separates K. nietvoorbiji from the other new species. Kazimierzus nieuwoudtvillensis is distinguished from the others by the position of the clitellum (12–25) and spermathecae in four rows. The combination of the position of the clitellum, three rows of spermathecae and the position of the calciferous glands in 10 distinguish K. phumlani from the other species.



Annelida, Afrotropical, taxonomy, Oligochaeta, Western Cape, Northern Cape, South Africa, new species

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