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Two new species of the genus Laena Dejean (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae) from Hong Kong



Two new species of the genus Laena Dejean, 1821 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae) are described from Hong Kong: Laena hongkongica sp. n. and Laena walkeri sp. n. These constitute the first record of the genus from Hong Kong, as a species previously described from nearby area Laena ovipennis Schuster, 1926, in fact originated from Zhejiang province nearby Shanghai. Both species from Hong Kong possess a wide variation in body length, which is quite unusual for this genus.



Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Lagriinae, Laena, new species, Hong Kong, Zhejiang, China

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