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Six new species and new records of the spider genus Chrosiothes from Brazil with the description of the female of Chrosiothes venturosus Marques & Buckup, 1997 (Araneae, Theridiidae, Spintharinae)



The spider genus Chrosiothes Simon, 1894 currently comprises 21 described species. Spiders of this genus are mainly known from the Neotropical Region, but are poorly studied in Brazil. In this paper six new species of Chrosiothes are described from Brazil: Chrosiothes diabolicus new species; Chrosiothes carajaensis new species; Chrosiothes cicuta new species; Chrosiothes murici new species; Chrosiothes decorus new species and Chrosiothes una new species. The female of Chrosiothes venturosus Marques & Buckup, 1997 is described and illustrated for the first time. Additionally, new records from Brazil are provided for C. perfidus Marques & Buckup, 1997 and C. niteroi Levi, 1964.



Araneae, Spiders, taxonomy, Neotropical Region, South America

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