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Review of the species of the Cirolanaparva-group’ (Cirolanidae: Isopoda: Crustacea) in Indonesian and Singaporean waters



Ten species of the Cirolana parva-group’ are recorded from shallow water in-shore habitats in the Indo-Malaya region, with five species from both Indonesia (Lombok, North Sulawesi, Maluku and West Papua) and Singapore, four species are from Indonesia only; with only one species locally endemic in Singapore. Three new species are described and Cirolana arafurae Bruce, 1986, Cirolana improceros Bruce, 1986 and Cirolana stenoura Bruce, 1986 are redescribed. A key to Cirolana parva-group’ species found in Indonesia and Singapore is given.



Crustacea, Cirolana ‘parva-group’, Indo-Malaya, Indonesia, Singapore, coral reefs

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