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Taxonomy of the subgenus Duolandrevus (Eulandrevus) Gorochov (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Landrevinae: Landrevini) from China, with descriptions of three new species



Three new species of the subgenus Duolandrevus (Eulandrevus) Gorochov from China are described and illustrated, D. (E.) ziyunensis sp. nov., D. (E.) gorochovi sp. nov. and D. (E.) axinus sp. nov. The description of previously unknown female of D. (E.) hainanensis Liu, He & Ma, 2015 is given. D. (E.) infuscatus Liu & Bi, 2010, stat. nov. is transferred from the subgenus Duolandrevus (Duolandrevus) Kirby, 1906 to Duolandrevus (Eulandrevus). A key of the Chinese species and a distribution map of the subgenus Duolandrevus (Eulandrevus) in the world are provided.



Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Landrevinae, Duolandrevus (Eulandrevus), new species, China

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