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Three new species of the genus Ischnomesus (Isopoda: Asellota: Ischnomesidae) from Brazilian deep sea



Three new species of genus Ischnomesus are described from three Brazilian sedimentary Basins: Alagoas-Sergipe, Espírito Santo and Campos. Ischnomesus hirsutus sp. nov. was found at depths between 1445 m and 3000 m in Alagoas-Sergipe Basin and Espírito Santo Basin. This species is characterized by having pereonite I with 1 pair of anterolateral small pedestal spines, pereonites I–IV with a pair of anterodorsal pedestal setae and pleotelson with lateral fields bulge Ischnomesus longiseta sp. nov. was found between 400 and 1000 m, on the upper slope in Alagoas-Sergipe Basin and Espírito Santo Basin, and is characterized by having the pereonites without spines or tubercles, but covered with long simple setae, pleotelson with 5 lateral simple setae, without spines or tubercles. Ischnomesus wilsoni sp. nov. was found on the upper slope between 750 and 830 m in Espírito Santo Basin and Campos Basin. This species has the body entirely ornamented with pedestal spines. This is the first record of the family Ischnomesidae for Brazilian waters.



Crustacea, Asellota, Taxomomy, Marine benthos, New species, South Atlantic

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