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A revision of Bittacomorphinae with a review of the monophyly of extant subfamilies of Ptychopteridae (Diptera)



The phylogenetic relationship between the two extant subfamilies of Ptychopteridae is examined using morphological characters. Bittacomorphinae is supported as a monophyletic group with several synapomorphies. Monophyly of the Ptychopterinae is less certain. Descriptions are provided for the family and subfamilies. The genera and species of Bittacomorphinae are reviewed, and phylogenetic relationships within the subfamily are discussed. While Bittacomorpha is a monophyletic group, Bittacomorphella is probably paraphyletic. Redescriptions of the species of Bittacomorpha and most of Bittacomorphella are presented. Bittacomorphella furcata sp. nov, is described from the central Coast Range of Oregon and Olympic Peninsula of Washington, USA. The range of Bittacomorphinae is found to extend into the Neotropical region with a record of Bittacomorpha clavipes from Costa Rica. A key to the world species of Bittacomorphinae is provided.


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Diptera, Bittacomorpha, Bittacomorphella, phylogeny, morphology, natural history

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