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Taxonomic review of Trans-Andean species of Pimelodus (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae), with the descriptions of two new species



We review the trans-Andean species of Pimelodus from Colombia, Panamá, and Venezuela. Based on meristic and morphometric data of preserved specimens, four of five species reported from this region are considered valid and two new Colombian species are described. Here we review Pimelodus coprophagus Schultz, 1944 from Lake Maracaibo Basin of Venezuela and Colombia; Pimelodus grosskopfii Steindachner, 1879 from Magdalena River Basin; Pimelodus navarroi Schultz, 1944 from Lake Maracaibo Basin of Venezuela and Colombia; and Pimelodus punctatus (Meek & Hildebrand, 1913) from Atrato, Baudó, and Tuyra River Basins of Colombia and Panamá. Pimelodus crypticus new species is described from the upper Cauca river drainage. Pimelodus yuma new species is described from the Cauca, Magdalena, and Sinú river drainages. A key for species identification and geographical ranges is provided. We also reidentify trans-Andean specimens previously reported as Pimelodus blochii Valenciennes, 1840, a widespread cis-Andean species, or species complex, that ranges across the coastal rivers of the Guianas and Brazil and the Orinoco and Amazon Basins.



Pisces, Long-whiskered catfishes, taxonomy, cryptic species, South America, Colombia

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