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Description of four new species of Ochlerini from South America (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Discocephalinae)



The tribe Ochlerini Rolston was proposed in 1981 to house 23 genera of Neotropical pentatomids, most of them containing few species and poorly represented in entomological collections. After a quarter century of accumulated taxonomic knowledge the tribe totals 36 genera and 133 species, but a number of taxa still require revision or remain undescribed. Here we describe and illustrate four new species from South America, Cromata flavida sp. nov., Lincus curvatus sp. nov., Ocellatocoris longirostris sp. nov., and Xynocoris ecuadorensis sp. nov. The specimens of L. curvatus and X. ecuadorensis were collected on oil palms (OxG hybrids, Elaeis oleifera x Elaeis guineensis) affected by the lethal wilt (marchitez sorpresiva) disease.



Heteroptera, Cromata, Lincus, Ocellatocoris, Xynocoris

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