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Taxonomic review of the genus Atlantodesmus Hoffman, 2000 (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae)



The chelodesmid genus Atlantodesmus Hoffman, 2000 is revised and considered a senior synonym of Iemanja Hoffman, 2000. Currently the genus contains five species, all of them are herein redescribed: Atlantodesmus eimeri (Attems, 1898), Atlantodesmus itapurensis (Schubart, 1943), Atlantodesmus pickeli (Schubart, 1946), Atlantodesmus pintoi (Schubart, 1946), and the transferred species from Iemanja, Atlantodesmus teresa (Hoffman, 2000), new combination. The female of Atlantodesmus teresa is described for the first time. Examination of the type material of Leptodesmus buecherli Schubart, 1955 revealed that this species is a junior synonym of A. itapurensis. A key to males and a distribution map of all species are included.



Myriapoda, Brazil, Neotropical, Diplopoda, millipedes

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