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A taxonomic review of the genus Astrohelix Döderlein, 1930 including the 
synonymy of the subgenus Asteroporpa (Astromoana) Baker, 1980 to Astrohelix



The holotypes of Astrohelix bellator bellator and Astrohelix bellator paucidens (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Euryalida: Gorgonocephalidae) are redescribed. Based on these observations Asteroporpa (Astromoana) with Astrohelix is proposed. With the elevation of two subspecies of Asteroporpa (Astrohelix) bellator bellator and A. (Astrohelix) bellator paucidens to species level, A. (Astrohelix) comprises six species, A. (Astrohelix) bellator, A. (Astrohelix) indicus, A. (Astrohelix) koyoae, A. (Astrohelix) muricatopatella, A. (Astrohelix) paucidens and A. (Astrohelix) reticulata. These species can be distinguished by the shape of the ossicles on the aboral disc, on the oral plates, and length of terminal projection of cone-shaped epidermal ossicles around the lateral interradial disc. A taxonomic key to all six species of the subgenus A. (Astrohelix) is provided.



Echinodermata, taxonomy, holotype, Asteroporpa (Astrohelix) bellator, Asteroporpa (Astrohelix) paucidens, new synonymy

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