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The Australian Ciidae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea): A Preliminary Revision 



The Australian ciid fauna is revised based on 75 described species (56 of them new) and three undescribed species, placed in 22 genera (nine of them new and nine newly recorded from Australia). The revision is considered preliminary, since about 50 other undescribed Australian species have been seen (usually as uniques or in short series), and it is likely that more will be found with increased intensive collecting. One additional New Caledonian species is also described, and one Cis species is considered to be based on a mislabelled Hawaiian specimen. The subfamily Ciinae, to which all species belong, is described based on adults and larvae, and keys are included to all known Australian genera and described species. Where material has been available, male and female genitalia have been described and many of those illustrated. The following new genera are described: Amphibolocis Lawrence gen. nov., Australocis Lawrence gen. nov., Ctenocis Lawrence gen. nov., Echinocis Lawrence gen. nov., Ditrichocis Lawrence gen. nov., Glyphidope Lawrence gen. nov., Malleecis Lawrence gen. nov., Notapterocis Lawrence gen. nov., Pseudeuxestocis Lawrence gen. nov. The following genera are recorded for the first time from Australia: Acanthocis Miyatake, Ceracis Mellié, Dichodontocis Kawanabe, Ennearthron Mellié, Hadreule Thomson, Neoennearthron Miyatake, Paratrichapus Scott, Scolytocis Blair and Xylographella Miyatake (the last three without described Australian species). The following new species are described (all native to Australia or its territories, unless otherwise indicated): Amphibolocis glabratus Lawrence, sp. nov., Australocis ruber Lawrence, sp. nov., Ceracis christmasensis Lawrence, sp. nov., Cer. communis Lawrence, sp. nov., Cer. divergens Lawrence sp. nov., Cer. fictus Lawrence sp. nov., Cis biconcavus Lawrence & Paviour-Smith, sp. nov., C. bisericeus Lawrence sp. nov., C. blackburni Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., C. canberrae Lawrence sp. nov., C. capillatus Lawrence sp. nov., C. clypeodentes Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., C. convexiformis Lawrence sp. nov., C. crassus Lawrence sp. nov., C. deficiens Lawrence sp. nov., C. denticulatus Lawrence sp. nov., C. deserticolus Lawrence sp. nov., C. dissidens Lawrence sp. nov., C. echidnoides Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., C. eremicus Lawrence sp. nov., C. guangxiensis Lawrence sp. nov. (introduced from China), C. inflatus Lawrence, sp. nov., C. microcerus Lawrence  sp. nov., C. minutipunctatus Lawrence sp. nov., C. nitidonotum Lawrence sp. nov., C. obscuronotum Lawrence sp. nov., C. parviniger Lawrence sp. nov., C. planomarginatus Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., C. simillimus Lawrence sp. nov., C. sordidus Lawrence & Paviour-Smith, sp. nov., C. subglaber Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., C. subparallelus Lawrence sp. nov., C. tasmanorae Lawrence sp. nov., C. tricolor Lawrence sp. nov., C. victoriae Lawrence sp. nov., C. yorkensis Lawrence sp. nov., Ctenocis caledonicus Lawrence sp. nov. (New Caledonia), Ctenocis pectinipes Lawrence & Paviour-Smith sp. nov., Dichodontocis queenslandicus Lawrence sp. nov., Echinocis phellinophilus Lawrence sp. nov., Ennearthron alienindicus Lawrence sp. nov. (introduced from India), Glyphidope simplex Lawrence sp. nov., G. variabilis Lawrence sp. nov., Hadreule australiense Lawrence sp. nov., Malleecis flavus Lawrence sp. nov., Neoennearthron meridionale sp. nov., Notapterocis ellipticus Lawrence sp. nov., Notapterocis globulus Lawrence sp. nov., Notapterocis grossulus Lawrence sp. nov., Notapterocis hirsutulus Lawrence sp. nov., Notapterocis sannio Lawrence sp. nov., Octotemnus ambiguus Lawrence sp. nov., Octotemnus exilis Lawrence sp. nov., Orthocis latemarginatus Lawrence sp. nov., Orthocis quadrimaculatus Lawrence sp. nov., Pseudeuxestocis burwelli Lawrence sp. nov. The following new combinations are proposed: Acanthocis armiger (Blair, 1940) (Cis), comb. nov., Ctenocis zeelandicus (Reitter, 1880) (Cis), comb. nov., Ditrichocis pulchellus (Scott, 1926) (Ennearthron), comb. nov., Ditrichocis bifasciatus (Reitter, 1877) (Cis), comb. nov. and Paratrichapus lobipes (Broun, 1895) (Cis), comb. nov. The following synonymies are proposed: Cis recurvatus Broun, 1883 (= Cis victoriensis Blackburn, 1891 syn. nov., = Cis tasmanicus Blair, 1940 syn. n.). The following 13 genera are redescribed: Acanthocis Miyatake, 1955; Ceracis Mellié, 1849; Cis Latreille, 1796; Dichodontocis Kawanabe, 1994; Ennearthron Mellié, 1847; Hadreule Thomson, 1859; Neoennearthron Miyatake, 1954; Octotemnus Mellié, 1847; Orthocis Casey, 1898; Paratrichapus Scott, 1926; Scolytocis Blair, 1928; Xylographella Miyatake, 1985; Xylographus Mellié, 1847. The following 20 species are redescribed: Acanthocis armiger (Blair, 1940); Cis australis Blackburn, 1888; Cis bilamellatus Wood, 1884; Cis cavifrons Blair, 1940; Cis cervus Blair, 1940; Cis chinensis Lawrence, 1991; Cis clarki Blair, 1940; Cis fuscipes Mellié, 1849; Cis laminicollis Blair, 1940; Cis recurvatus Broun, 1883; Cis sellatus Blair, 1940; Cis setiferus Blackburn, 1888; Cis walkeri Blair, 1940; Ditrichocis pulchellus (Scott, 1926); Octotemnus dilutipes (Blackburn, 1891); Octotemnus walkeri Blair, 1940; Orthocis aequalis (Blackburn, 1888); Orthocis auriculariae Lawrence, 1991; Orthocis leanus (Blackburn, 1907); Xylographus bynoei Blair, 1940. The introduced species Cis chinensis Lawrence, 1991, and Orthocis auriculariae Lawrence, 1991, are recorded for the first time from Australia. The species Cis adelaidae Blackburn, 1888, is considered to be based on a mislabelled Hawaiian species near Cis setarius Sharp in Blackburn & Sharp, 1885. The name Cis sharpi Lawrence nom. nov. is proposed as a replacement name for another species in this Hawaiian group: Cis bimaculatus Sharp in Blackburn & Sharp, 1885, not Germain, 1855. Lectotypes are designated for Acanthocis armiger (Blair, 1940), Cis cavifrons Blair, 1940, Cis clarki Blair, 1940, Cis laminicollis Blair, 1940, Cis recurvatus Broun, 1883, Octotemnus walkeri Blair, 1940 and Orthocis leanus (Blackburn, 1907).



Coleoptera, beetles, Ciinae, Australia and territories, fungivory

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