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New genus and species of ant-like true bug (Hemiptera: Miridae) from the Canary Islands



Perenotus gen. nov. is described based on males and females from the Canary Islands, Spain. This new genus is easily recognized by having a myrmecomorphic appearance and a scutellar hump in both sexes. Systellonotus stysi J. Ribes, Pagola-Carte et Heiss, 2008, was described based on females collected in Tenerife and La Palma, but careful examination showed that specimens from each island belong to different species, and can be transferred to the new genus Perenotus.  As a result, Perenotus includes two species, P. stysi comb. n. for specimens from Tenerife and P. malobae sp. nov. for specimens from La Palma. In the present publication Perenotus gen. nov. and P. malobae sp. nov. are described, P. stysi female is redescribed, and P. stysi male is described for the first time. Illustrations of male and female general habitus and genitalia are provided.



Hemiptera, Species delimitation, endemism, taxonomy, myrmecomorphy, Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae, Macaronesia, Canary Islands

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