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The tadpole of Bokermannohyla ibitipoca (Caramaschi & Feio, 1990) (Anura, Hylidae)

F. D. M. Magalhaes, M. D. O. Neves, E. M. Da Fonseca, R. M. H. De Carvalho


Bokermannohyla ibitipoca, a member of B. circumdata group (Faivovich et al. 2005), is a small-sized hylid frog (males reaching 43 mm in snout-vent length) restricted to the Atlantic Forest Biome, found mainly along creeks in small gallery forests, usually in holes formed by tree roots (Caramaschi & Feio 1990). Faivovich et al. (2005) diagnosed the genus Bokermannohyla based on molecular data without morphological synapomorphies that support the monophyly of this clade. Despite the relevance of tadpoles characters for the establishment of phylogenetic relationships among different anuran taxa (Haas 2003), no information about B. ibitipoca larva is known so far.


Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae, Bokermannohyla ibitipoca



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