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Draposa, a new wolf spider genus from South and Southeast Asia (Araneae: Lycosidae)

T. Kronestedt


Draposa gen. nov. is proposed for eight wolf spider species from the Indomalayan Region, all of which were previously placed in the genus Pardosa: Draposa atropalpis (Gravely, 1924) comb. nov., D. lyrivulva (Bosenberg & Strand, 1906) comb. nov. (= Pardosa leucopalpis Gravely, 1924 syn. nov.), D. nicobarica (Thorell, 1891) comb. nov., D. oakleyi (Gravely, 1924) comb. nov., D. porpaensis (U. A. Gajbe, 2004) comb. nov., D. subhadrae (Patel & Reddy, 1993) comb. nov., D. tenasserimensis (Thorell, 1895) comb. nov., and D. zhanjiangensis (Yin, Wang, Peng & Xie, 1995) comb. nov. Species of Draposa share synapomorphies in the copulatory organs, inter alia a complex subpaleal sclerite in the terminal part of the male bulbus. The presence of D. lyrivulva in Japan is put in doubt and the species should be excluded from the list of spiders in that country. Draposa nicobarica (type species) and D. tenasserimensis are redescribed and illustrated for the first time from the type material. Draposa atropalpis is redescribed from material from India and Sri Lanka, D. lyrivulva and D. subhadrae (first record outside India) from material collected in Sri Lanka and D. oakleyi from material from India and Bangladesh.


Taxonomy, Pardosa, Indomalayan region

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