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Papakula and Hesydrimorpha: how two spider genera were described from the same species collected from the same locality (Araneae: Pisauridae)

P. Jager


While identifying Pisauridae from Laos and checking various genera of this family from Southeast Asia, two monotypic genera were striking: Hesydrimorpha Strand 1911 and Papakula Strand 1911. Both were described by Strand (1911) from Eastern Indonesia and the type material was deposited in the Senckenberg Museum (SMF). They were recorded from the same island (Kobroor) and the same locality (Papakoela, Papakula). The labels and original descriptions state they were collected by H. Merton. Strand (1911) also mentioned in the publication that the specimens were collected in a house, most likely the same house, as Merton collected both series on the same day.


Araneae, Pisauridae, Papakula, Hesydrimorpha



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