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Petroleuciscus esfahani, a new species of fish from central Iran (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae)

B. W. Coad, N. G. Bogutskaya


A new species, Petroleuciscus esfahani, is described from central Iran in the Zayandeh River basin. It is distinguished from other members of the genus by a combination of characters including a mode of 8 1/2 dorsal-fin branched rays, modally 10-11 1/2 anal-fin branched rays, small scales numbering 44-54 in the total pored lateral line, a modal pharyngeal-tooth formula 2.5-4.2, and total vertebrae usually 40-42. It appears to be morphologically closest to Petroleuciscus gaderanus (Gunther, 1899) that we tentatively consider as a synonym of P. ulanus (Gunther, 1899) of the Lake Orumiyeh basin in northwestern Iran.


Petroleuciscus, Cyprinidae, freshwater fish, new species, Iran



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