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Multitestis Manter 1931 (Digenea: Lepocreadiidae) in ephippid and chaetodontid fishes (Perciformes) in the south-western Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean off Western Australia

R. A. Bray, T. H. Cribb, J. L. Justine


Five species of the genus Multitestis are described, figured or discussed: Multitestis pyriformis from Platax orbicularis off Lizard Island, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia and Platax teira off New Caledonia; Multitestis coradioni n. sp. (syn. Multitestis pyriformis Machida, 1963 of Bray et al. (1994)) from Coradion chrysozonus off Heron Island, which differs from M. pyriformis in its oval body-shape, the more posteriorly situated testicular fields and larger eggs, Multitestis elongatus from Platax pinnatus off Lizard Island, Multitestis magnacetabulum from P. teira off Heron Island, southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and New Caledonia, Multitestis paramagnacetabulum n. sp. from P. orbicularis off Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, which differs from M. magnacetabulum in the more posteriorly situated testicular fields.


Digenea, Lepocreadiidae, Multitestis, Multitestis coradioni n. sp., Multitestis paramagnacetabulum n. sp., Great Barrier Reef, New Caledonia, Ningaloo Reef, Platax, Coradion



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