5100 m above sea level: Agabus joachimschmidti sp. n. and notes on other high altitude diving beetles from Tibet and Bhutan (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

Michel Brancucci, Lars Hendrich


Agabus joachimschmidti sp. n. is described from a temporary brook at 5100 m a.s.l. in south central Tibet, which is a worldwide altitude record for Dytiscidae. It belongs to the Agabus confinis-group and is related to A. tibetanus Zaitzev, 1908 from which it can be separated by its smaller size, different habitus and form of the median lobe. Important species characters of the new species are illustrated (median lobe of aedeagus, parameres, habitus). Altogether six species of the A. confinis-group are now reported from China. Further localities for the recently described Agabus suoduogangi Stastný & Nilsson, 2003 (Yünnan) and Ilybiosoma yeti Brancucci & Hendrich, 2006 (Tibet) are recorded. Agabus longissimus Régimbart, 1899 is recorded for the first time in Bhutan. Notes on the distribution and life habitats of all the species are given.


Coleoptera; Dytiscidae; high altitude; <i>Agabus</i>; <i>Ilybiosoma</i>; Bhutan; Tibet; Himalaya


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