The shrimp family Pseudochelidae De Grave & Moosa, 2004 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea) in Brazil, with the description of a new species

Arthur Anker


A new species of the caridean shrimp genus Pseudocheles Chace & Brown, 1978 is described from an offshore localityabout 160 km east of the Rio Doce estuary in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Pseudocheles falsapinca sp. nov. is the fourth speciesin the genus, differing from its three congeners, P. enigma Chace & Brown, 1978, P. chacei Kensley, 1983 and P. neutraDe Grave & Moosa, 2004, by the combination of the following features: antennal tooth minute or absent, fifth pleuronwith acute posterior tooth, carpus of third, fourth and fifth pereiopod with robust spiniform seta, coxa of third and fourthpereiopods without acute projection mesially, rostrum with five dorsal teeth, all anterior to post-orbital margin, and thirdmaxilliped with rounded, epipod-like structure. The new species is the deepest species of Pseudocheles reported so far,with both type specimens dredged at a depth range of 68–71 m. Pseudocheles falsapinca sp. nov. also represents the first record of Pseudocheles and the family Pseudochelidae De Grave & Moosa, 2004 for Brazil and the South-West Atlantic.


Decapoda; Caridea; Pseudochelidae; shrimp; continental shelf; Brazil


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