Periclimenaeus dactylodon sp. nov. (Decapoda: Pontoniinae), from Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

A. J. Bruce


A new species of Periclimenaeus (Crustacea: Pontoniinae) from Heron Island, Queensland, Australia, is described andillustrated. Periclimenaeus dactylodon sp. nov., an ascidian associate, was collected from a coral reef at 25 m and increases to 17 the number of Periclimenaeus known from Heron Island and to 23 the number of species known from Australia.


<i>Periclimenaeus</i> <i>dactylodon</i>; new species; Crustacea; Decapoda; Pontoniinae; Heron Island; Great Barrier Reef; Australia; ascidian host


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ISSN 1175-5326 (Print Edition) & ISSN 1175-5334 (Online Edition)
Published by Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand