A new species of Peltephilidae (Mammalia: Xenarthra: Cingulata) from the late Miocene (Chasicoan SALMA) of Argentina

Laureano R. González-Ruiz, Gustavo J. Scillato-Yané, Cecilia M. Krmpotic, Alfredo A. Carlini


A new species of Peltephilidae (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Cingulata) (early Eocene–late Miocene) is described here. Thenew taxon is based on three specimens collected from the margins of Arroyo Chasicó, Buenos Aires Province, (Argenti-na), which correspond to the Arroyo Chasicó Formation (late Miocene, Chasicoan SALMA). The new species is charac-terized by osteoderms with a very rough exposed surface showing high longitudinal and well developed crests (two lateraland one central) with deep and ample valleys among them. The new taxon is the only “relictual” xenarthran cingulate ofthe Santacrucian Age (late early Miocene) to be registered for the last time in the Chasicoan SALMA (late Miocene), and represents the youngest record of the family Peltephilidae.


Xenarthra; Peltephilidae; Miocene; Chasicoan SALMA; Argentina


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