Acanthocobitis pictilis, a new species of loach from Myanmar and Thailand (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae)

Maurice Kottelat


Acanthocobitis pictilis, new species, is described from the Ataran drainage in Myanmar and the Mae Khlong drainage inThailand. It had earlier been misidentified as A. rubidipinnis. It is distinguished by, among other characters, its colour pat-tern, especially the dark brown triangular saddles in the upper half of the body, strongly slanted anteriorly and becomingalmost vertical posteriorly, becoming paler in the middle, and forming pairs of narrow saddles in large individuals; lateralline complete; 12 ½ or 13 ½ branched dorsal-fin rays. Acanthocobitis mandalayensis is a valid species, removed from the synonymy of A. botia.


<i>Acanthocobitis</i> <i>botia</i>; <i>Acanthocobitis</i> <i>mandalayensis</i>; <i>Nemacheilus</i>; Ataran River; Mae Khlong; Meklong River; Kwai River


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